These illustrations and gifs were made for Zaborona award НЮХ-2020, recognising people and initiatives that have made a significant contribution to society development in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.
Protest of the year: last year there were series of protests against police arbitrariness in Ukraine and a Minister of Internal Affairs, Arsen Avakov.
Strong community: life of a small gallery The Naked Room with a book corner from IST Publishing and a Naked bar from Foodies agency during the lockdown
Human rights: an NGO "100% life" that helps people with HIV
Action: the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the problem of domestic violence and "Women's perspectives" NGO was helping women who survived domestic violence
The art of change: Oleksandr Chekmenov, Ukrainian photojournalist, photographs the homeless people in different cities, helps to highlight this problem
Transparency: CHESNO is a civil movement which aims to encourage transparency, accountability and openness among government representatives
Visibility: relatives of Ukrainian women living in Syrian refugee camps asked for help to return women and children from Syria on a news conference
Strong gesture: the action organized by the public LGBT organization "KyivPride" with a rainbow flag fluttered above the sculpture of the Motherland in Kyiv
Urbanism: "Hmarochos" is an independent online magazine about the life and development of Ukrainian cities
Climate challenge: 
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